For deterministic communication between automation devices (OT), a large number of fieldbuses that are incompatible with each other and with IT are used today. With the ongoing standardization of “Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)” by the IEEE, comparable real-time capabilities will also be available with standard Ethernet in the future, which promises savings in costs, variant diversity and convergence between IT and OT.
In the project, a modular framework for the configuration and management of distributed real-time applications in a TSN-based network was developed, which can be deployed and extended on an application-specific basis. The framework can be integrated into engineering tools and enables a uniform development of real-time applications and their communication based on an abstracted interface.
The solutions created in the project can be used and further developed through open-source publication in the form of modules for Linux. In addition, sample implementations allow easy entry, serve as best practice for interfaces and can be considered as a basis for commercial exploitation.

Concept of the Framework for the Management and Configuration of distributed real-time applications in a TSN-based Network

The developed ControlTSN framework is available on Github: